Tanzhe Houyuan B&B (潭柘厚院)

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Tanzhe Houyuan B&B (潭柘厚院)

There is an open-air barbecue area in the yard that provides dozens of high-quality raw foods for guests. You can have a barbecue by yourself and experience the fun of BBQ under the blue sky and white clouds. The B&B adopts the reservation system, and only receives 20 tables per meal and up to 500 people per day, which fully ensure the privacy of each guest's comfortable experience.

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Wellbour Garden Homestay

It only takes 7 minutes to drive from JWellbour Garden Homestay to Xiangshui Lake Scenic area, 20 minutes to Mutianyu Great Wall. It is a comprehensive resort hotel integrating leisure vacation, catering services, conference training, outdoor weddings, and other multi-functions.

Beijing Ziyang Shanzhuang Inn

Ziyang Shanzhuang Inn covers an area of 110,000 square meters, including 224 sets of courtyard inns with different styles. It provides high-quality rest and life services for guests visiting Tanzhe Temple and surrounding attractions. At present, it's running more than 30 boutique inns, covering Chinese style, Japanese style, Nordic style, pastoral style, and so on.

Sunflower Courtyard B&B

Founded in April 2021, Sunflower Courtyard B&B is an urban-rural integration and sharing platform that integrates agriculture, culture, tourism, education, and entertainment. It takes agriculture as the root, culture as the soul, and education as the foundation. The B&B promotes industries through tourism and provides entertainment to please guests.

Do You Know
Tanzhe Temple

With a history of over 1700 years, Tanzhe Temple is the oldest ancient temple in Beijing. The temple faces north and south, with its back against the Baozhu Peak. It is surrounded by nine peaks in the shape of a horseshoe, as if in the embrace of nine giant dragons.

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Address : No. 68, East Street, Sangyu Village, Tanzhesi Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

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