Tai'anli Cultural and Art Center

"Century-old" Shikumen, Tai'anli, has been renovated and transformed into a unique cultural and art center. The gray and white exterior, restored stone-framed doors, and old windows give it a Shanghai-like feel.



Tai'anli Cultural and Art Center

From Tai'anli in the new urban district to Tai'anli Cultural and Art Center, the 70-meter-long alley in Tai'anli Shikumen divides six small buildings into two rows, and the overall layout remains unchanged. The green plants and decorative stones on the alley make this semi-open space full of vitality.
Tai'anli has held more than 150 public cultural activities, fully benefiting the surrounding residents. Within the year, this number will reach 220.

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Address : Northeast 40 meters from the intersection of Renshou Road and Renmin Road, Xicheng District, Beijing.

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