Mood in Rouge Cafe



Mood in Rouge Cafe

There is a Peking Opera-themed cafe called "Mood in Rouge Cafe" hidden in the Zhuzhong Hutong, not far west of the Bell and Drum Towers. Entering the cafe, you can see Beijing opera elements everywhere such as facial makeup and Kuitou, a kind of Chinese opera headdress. The interior is spacious and bright with the decorations of flowers and greenery, making it full of oriental flavor.

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The owner of the cafe

Liu Zhen, the owner of the cafe, has been studying opera since he was a child and graduated from the Peking Opera Department of the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. He used to be a Peking Opera actor and worked as a program director and stage play producer. Recent years, he is mainly engaged in the promotion of Peking Opera culture and education. Mound in Rouge Coffee is a new attempt by Liu Zhen and his team to promote the culture of Peking Opera.

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Address : No. 60 Zhuzhong Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing

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