Apricot Blossom Viewing Two-day Tour

Beijing Suburb
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    1-2 days
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Day 1: Enjoy the apricot blossoms at Xinzhuangbao → lunch at the Xiaoxifu hand-rolled noodles → check in at the Yinianhuakai Courtyard → dinner: DIY BBQ
Day 2: Breakfast: at the B&B → Glacier cruise in Longqing Gorge → lunch at Guiyuan sturgeon pot → return trip

  • Xinzhuangbao Apricot Blossom Village
  • Xiaoxifu hand-rolled noodles
  • Yinianhuakai Courtyard
Stop 1 Xinzhuangbao Apricot Blossom Village

It covers an area of 10,000 mu, including more than 3,000 mu of fresh apricots and more than 6,000 mu of apricots for kernel use. In early spring the garden is full of apricot blossoms, which are in full bloom.

  • Xiaoxifu hand-rolled noodles

Public transport:
Take bus No. Y22 anf get off at Xinzhuangbao Station
Travel tips

Pay attention to opening hours
Remember to make appointment in advance
Remember to wear mask
Do not make noise in public space
Take care of personal belongings

  • Yinianhuakai - Walnut Courtyard

  • Longqing Gorge
Stop 1 Longqing Gorge

In April, when spring is in full bloom outside Longqing Gorge, the water in the gorge is still covered with ice, and the peach and apricot flowers are just showing their smiling faces.

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