Reviewing Revolutionary Road Two-day Tour

Beijing Suburb
  • Best Time:

    All Year Round
  • Recommended:

    1-2 days
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Day 1: Shatanggou Hero Square in the first red village in Pingbei→ visit the training centre in Tielu Village → make Hongjun meals → make army shoes → stay at a village house (Huaqin Lishe, Taole Valley, Huaishu Mountain Residence)
Day 2: Sing the army song and retrace the Long March →the former site of the United County Government of Changyan Piposhi Village → meal of charity and filial piety → the most beautiful highway, Changchi Road, view apricot blossoms and return

  • Shatanggou Village
  • Tielu Village
Stop 1 Shatanggou Village

Known as the First Red Village in Pingbei, The village area is 12,400 mu, with 105 households and 292 people.

Stop 2 Tielu Village

This year, Dazhuangke Village took Tielu Village Training Institute as the core, focusing on the protection, inheritance and utilisation of red resources.

  • Cixiao meal

Public transport:
Shatanggou Village: Take bus No. Y16 and get off at Shatanggou Station
Tielu Village: Take bus No. Y16 and get off at Tielu Cunkou Station
Travel tips

Pay attention to opening hours
Remember to make appointment in advance
Remember to wear mask
Do not make noise in public space
Take care of personal belongings

  • Taole Valley

  • Piposhi Village
Stop 1 Piposhi Village

The current development idea of the village is to vigorously carry forward the red culture, with the natural ecological environment as the basis and the red culture as the soul, to drive the development of folklore tourism.

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