Traditional Opera Art One-day Tour

  • Best Time:

    All year round
  • Recommended:

    1 Day
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On this route, you can learn about the development history of traditional dramatic art and feel its charm. It will be a perfect day to be immersed in classical culture and art.

  • Huguang Guild Hall
  • Fuzhou New Hall
Stop 1 Huguang Guild Hall

Huguang Guild Hall is the only remaining hall in Beijing with a theater which was once a gathering place for literary giants. Nowadays, the theater helps the old hall to come to life and express innovatively.

Stop 2 Fuzhou New Hall

You can learn about Lin Zexu's spirit and temperament in banning smoking here.

Stop 3 Zhengyici Peking Opera Theatre

Zhengyici Peking Opera Theatre was a temple formerly dedicated to the god of wealth, Zhao Gongming. Therefore it also known as the Silver House.

  • 1920 Art Café

Public transport:
Take Subway Line 7 and get off at Hufangqiao Station (Exit D)
Travel tips

Pay attention to opening hours
Remember to make appointment in advance
Remember to wear mask
Do not make noise in public space
Take care of personal belongings

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