Three Hills and Five Gardens One-day Tour

Beijing Suburb
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    Spring & Summer
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    1 Day
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The Three Hills and Five Gardens Green-way is known as the green corridor that connects the most historical gardens and attractions, with a total length of 36.09 kilometers and a green area of 51.34 hectares, making it definitely a worthwhile choice for riding. Starting from the entrance of the green-way next to the Huoqiying Bridge and heading north, the views along the green-way are very open, and there are many rare native plants can be encountered along the way.

  • Haidian Park
  • Beiwu Park
  • Fragrant Hills Park
  • Xishan National Forest Park
Stop 1 Haidian Park

The weeping willows and swaying Pampas grass in Haidian Park bring it a rich beauty of Jiangnan (regions south of the Yangtze River). It has the most open lawn, which has always been popular with the public.

Stop 2 Beiwu Park

Located at the foot of Yuquan Mountain in Haidian District, Beiwu Park is close to the Summer Palace and Yuquan Mountain, and its scenery and style are complementary to the Summer Palace and Yuquan Mountain.

Stop 3 Fragrant Hills Park

Located at the eastern foot of the Xiaoxishan Mountain Range in the northwestern suburb of Beijing, Fragrant Hills Park is a famous large mountain forest park with the characteristics of a royal garden.

Stop 4 Xishan National Forest Park

Beijing Xishan National Forest Park is the closest forest park to the city, the ecological barrier of Xishan (Western Hills), and a beautiful Xishan painted screen for Haidian District.

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Remember to wear mask
Do not make noise in public space
Take care of personal belongings

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