Capital History One-day Tour

Beijing Suburb
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    Spring & Summer
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    1 Day
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When you ride your bike to Shichahai, you will pass by the oldest commercial streets in Beijing-Yandaixiejie Street halfway. Moving on, the weeping willows along the shore, the lotus flowers in summer, and the ice rinks in winter ...... There are different sceneries in all seasons in Shichahai.

  • The Bell and Drum Towers
  • Yandai Xiejie
  • Yinding Bridge
  • Shichahai
Stop 1 The Bell and Drum Towers

At the northern end of the central axis, the ancient "time buildings"- Bell and Drum Towers are also continuing the story of old Beijing.

Stop 2 Yandai Xiejie

Yandai Xiejie has been awarded the title of "Chinese historical and cultural street" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the National Cultural Heritage Administration

Stop 3 Yinding Bridge

Yinding Bridge is located on the waterway between Qianhai (Front Sea) and Houhai (Back Sea) in Shichahai, which is a single-hole stone arch bridge running north to south.

Stop 4 Shichahai

Shichahai, a historical and cultural tourism scenic spot and a historical and cultural reserve in Beijing, is adjacent to the central axis of Beijing city.

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