Yanqi Lake One-day Tour

Beijing Suburb
  • Best Time:

    Spring & Summer
  • Recommended:

    1 Day
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The ride route is about 20 kilometers long, passing through Yanqi Lake Road, Yanqi Lake Main Dam, Yanqi Lake West Road and Yanqi Lake North Road. Along the way, you can have a panoramic view of Yanqi Lake. When you arrive at the cycling destination - the natural "oxygen bar" Jiudu River, in addition to enjoying the flowers and scenery, you can also wash your lung because the air environment is very good.

  • Kempinski Yanqi Lake Hotel
  • Yanqi Lake
  • Laopu Wenhuai Park
Stop 1 Kempinski Yanqi Lake Hotel

Kempinski Yanqi Lake Hotel is located on the shores of Yanqi Lake, next to the magnificent Yanshan Mountain Range and the majestic Mutianyu Great Wall, with 590 deluxe rooms and suites.

Stop 2 Yanqi Lake

Yanqi Lake is located at the edge of the Great Wall at the foot of Yanshan Mountain and consists of two lakes, East and West, which is a famous tourist scenic spot in the suburbs of Beijing.

Stop 3 Laopu Wenhuai Park

Zhang Henshui wrote in "Beiping in May", "In May, if you go to the top of Jingshan and get a bird's eye view of Beiping city, you will see Beiping city houses all jaggedly hidden in a sea of green.

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Do not make noise in public space
Take care of personal belongings

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