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Beijing "Yingcheng Jiandu" Waterfront Greenway starts from Muxidi in the north and ends at Yongdingmen Bridge in the south. Not only can you ride around the river, but also go by some scenic spots such as Baiyunguan(White Cloud Temple), Tianning Temple, Beijing Binhe Park, Jinzhongdu Park, Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden) and Taoranting Park, etc. It is a cycling route to enjoy the beautiful scenery and slow life.

  • Tianning Temple
  • North Riverside Park
  • Jinzhongdu Park
  • Taoranting Park
Stop 1 Tianning Temple

Beijing Tianning Temple is located at No. A3, Tianning Temple Front Street, Xicheng District, Beijing.

Tianning Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty and was originally named Tianwang Temple. On July 7, 2007, Tianning Temple in Beijing was officially registered as a religious activities site. The base of the pagoda is very high, and the lower part of the pagoda is the Sumeru seat, and the body of the pagoda stands on top of the carved lotus pedestal. Above the body of the pagoda are thirteen layers of eaves. The pagoda is purely made of brick, and there are no stairs to climb inside.
Stop 2 North Riverside Park

North Riverside Park has an area of 66,300 square meters, including 54,547 square meters of green area.

The park is divided into two parts, there was built a stone exhibition hall in the eastern part of the park, construction area of 5,000 square meters, the collection of more than a dozen provinces and cities in China more than one hundred kinds and two thousand pieces of ornamental stones, which are gathered as a collection of stones of famous mountains in one hall. Next to the hall, there is also a courtyard with the traditional pattern of Beijing – Shiyou Guild Hall, which is a courtyard with... View attractions guide
Stop 3 Jinzhongdu Park

The Jinzhongdu Park is located at the northeast corner of Caihuying Bridge, at the confluence of the West and South moats.

Jinzhongdu Park is characterized by Jin Dynasty architecture, which reflects the construction style of "Tang style and Song system". Compared with museums, Jinzhongdu Park has more natural atmosphere with the twitter of birds and the fragrance of flowers, where you can be in contact with nature; and compared with ordinary parks, Jinzhongdu Park has more historical and cultural atmosphere, so it is highly appropriate to say that the park is an "outdoor museum of Jin culture".
Stop 4 Taoranting Park

Taoranting Park, built in 1952, is a famous historical and cultural park.

Taoranting Park, built in 1952, is a famous historical and cultural park that integrates classical architecture and modern gardening art, while highlights the "pavilion culture" of the Chinese nation as its main content. The park covers an area of 56.56 hectares, including 16.15 hectares of water area, is a national 4-A levels scenic spot. Taoranting Pavilion is a famous pavilion of the Qing Dynasty and one of the four famous pavilions in China.
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