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In 1952, Shijingshan was established as a district for the construction of factories, and witnessed historical development. At Beijing Winter Olympic Games in February in 2022, Chinese athletes made remarkable achievements here. The former "steel giant" has become the unique urban landscape in the west of Beijing.

  • Big Air Shougang
  • No.3 Blast Furnace
  • Xinshougang Bridge
  • Shougang Xiuchi Pool
Stop 1 Big Air Shougang

Big Air Shougang is located in the southwest of the north area of Shougang Park in Shijingshan District. It is the first newly-built competition venue and the only newly-built snow venue for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Stop 2 No.3 Blast Furnace

No.3 Blast Furnace can be said to be the landmark building in the Shougang Park, and it is also one of the best photo spots for many citizens.

Stop 3 Xinshougang Bridge

The Xinshougang Bridge is the longest, highest and most difficult cross-river bridge in Beijing. With 1354 meters long, the bridge spans Shougang Park, Yongding River Lianshihu scenic spot and West Sixth Ring Road.

Stop 4 Shougang Xiuchi Pool

Shougang Xiu Pool, originally named Xiu Lake, was built in 1940 and is the earliest large-scale water landscape in the Shougang Park.

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