Winter Olympic Industrial Style Spots One-day Tour

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Visitor can experiece Winter Olympics Industrial Style Spots all the route. Together with well-designed plants, the route combines the characteristics of strong industry and delicate greenery. Shougang Park contains industrial culture, presenting the appearance interweaving ecology and modern technology, the old and the new.

  • New Shougang Bridge
  • Big Air Shougang
  • Beijing Winter Olympic Park
  • Lianshi Lake Wetland Park
Stop 1 New Shougang Bridge

As an Internet-popular spot, New Shougang Bridge enjoys a wide view, with Dingdu Pavilion at west, Chang’an Avenue at east, Yongding Tower at south and Shougang Park as well as Big Air Shougang at north.

Stop 2 Big Air Shougang

As the first competition venue integrating industrial style and modern sports in the history of Winter Olympics, Big Air Shougang injects fresh vigor and technological charm into Shougang Industrial Relics Park.

Stop 3 Beijing Winter Olympic Park

Spots at the park give people a sense of vividness. The Train Wonderland in the park is themed with industry, with wandering lane in the east and replicated trail section in the west.

Stop 4 Lianshi Lake Wetland Park

The park enjoys a landscape corridor where visitors have access to fabulous scenery as well as No. 3 Furnace that is full of industrial flavor.

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