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By appreciating these artful and inspiring artworks, visitors may find the deep meanings and be immersed in passing old times and feel the combination of technology and history.

  • 77 Cultural and Creative Park
  • National Art Museum of China
  • Red Building of Peking University
  • Beijing Museum of Tap Water
Stop 1 77 Cultural and Creative Park

Waking into 77 Cultural and Creative Park which remains original walls made of red bricks, people may get a nostalgic feeling of situating in the 1950s.

Independent buildings are connected by long corridors, orderly and creatively, seeming like a garden floating in the air. It is a less-crowded spot for photo lovers to snap photos.
Stop 2 National Art Museum of China

The main building of National Art Museum of China replicates the ancient pavilion, with glazed golden tiles on the rooftop as well as galleries and pavilions.

Featured the characteristic national architectural style and majestic ancient pavilion-replica building, the museum is grand and stunning. As the visual art palace of human spiritual civilization, National Art Museum of China is granted with many symbols and signs, giving off a sense of sublimity and ceremony.
Stop 3 Red Building of Peking University

Around hundred-year ago, the Red Building of Peking University was the most futuristic architecture in the capital, which witnesses the “great awakening” and “great beginning” of a nation.

Nowadays, exhibitions at the Red Building will easily arouse people’s spiritual resonance. The cultural and creative store situates at the entrance of the building, where you may get various cultural and creative products ranging from ice cream, notebooks, key rings to bookmarks.
Stop 4 Beijing Museum of Tap Water

Based on the original site of Beijing’s earliest tap water factory, the museum is a industrial architecture remains with unique style in modern times.

Surrounded by modern skyscrapers which by accident block the noise of traffic, the museum becomes an otherworldly sort of place. Entering into the industrial site of the museum, visitors may get a glimpse of ever-green cypress, gurgling streams as well as architectures integrated with western and eastern.
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