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These architectures integrate abundant cultural connotations, large area of industrial relics as well as modern technologies, giving visitors a sense of refreshment.

  • Beijing 798 Art District
  • 751D·PARK Beijing Fashion and Design Plaza
  • Diantong Creative Plaza
  • Caochangdi International Art Village
Stop 1 Beijing 798 Art District

The first and most distinct impression of 798 Art District is industry. Art galleries, exhibition halls, art studios, cafeterias, bars as well as canteens here are all transformed by previous factories.

Stop 2 751D·PARK Beijing Fashion and Design Plaza

After innovations and transformation, original industrial sites have turned into creative spaces full of trendy elements.

As it becomes an important predictor of trend, flocks of designers and artists have gathered here. It is recorded that there are hundreds of designer studios and supporting facilities located in the spot. Over 1,500 designer teams in and out the plaza, holding over hundreds of conferences on a yearly basis, and vigor as well as vitality are brought to the plaza by the gathering of high-end fashion and design resources.
Stop 3 Diantong Creative Plaza

There are numerous colorful industrial and art elements inside the plaza, so visitors may encounter surprises at every corner.

Macaroon color scheme and industrial-style architectures resonate, forming a refreshing as well as retro art atmosphere.
Stop 4 Caochangdi International Art Village

It is an art paradise with more active, more freedom and more characteristics atmosphere.

It is also an art village integrating bustling city life as well as richful spiritual life.
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