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Hebei Qinhuangdao is close to Yanshan Mountain in the north and Bohai Sea in the south. There are many attractions worth visiting. Come to Qinhuangdao for skiing, climbing and sea the sea. Excursions can also be wonderful.

  • Zushan·Tiannv Town
  • Shanhai Pass
  • Aranya
  • Beidaihe
Stop 1 Zushan·Tiannv Town

Located inside Qinglong County, Qinhuang Island, Zushan mountain, with Tiannv Peak as the zenith which is 1,428 meters, enjoys wide popularity with its beautiful scenery and abundant humanity.

In winter, Zushan opens to the public with unique scenery. Owing to low temperature, crystal-clear ice and snow decorate hills and forests, so that visitors may feel like entering into the fairy tale once they walk in the aerial walkway.
Stop 2 Shanhai Pass

The Great Wall starts from the Old Dragon Head, and Jiaoshan mountain is the first mountain on its way towards north, so that it is known as the first mountain of the Great Wall.

As one of the most famous spots at Jiaoshan Great Wall, Jiaoshan watchtower enjoys the popularity with its steepness and precipitousness. The zenith of Jiaoshan is widely regarded as the best place to appreciate sunrise.
The Old Dragon Head is the maritime starting point of the Ming Great Wall, which is located at Qinhuangdao city, Hebei Province. As the east entrance to the sea, it is the only sea and land military defense system that integrates mountain, ocean, pass and city.
Stop 3 Aranya

The word “Aranya” originates from Sanskrit and refers to the place of silence, quietness, ashram and solitude.

Situated at the middle of the golden coast of Changli County, Qinhuangdao, Aranya enjoys a fabulous geographical location. The place is charming and elegant in all seasons, with white architectures and sea-salted wind.
The long coastline extends, and the signature landmark of Aranya - the auditorium locates at the north section of the beach. When it comes to sunny days, the auditorium appears like a giant while elegant white piano, playing joyful tunes on the beach.
At a short distance,... View attractions guide
Stop 4 Beidaihe

Every year when it comes to winter, Beidaihe becomes a popular tourist attraction for a large number of tourists. As the symbol of Beidaihe, the Dove Nest Park is a must-see spot.

On the cliff of the park, there is a giant stone with a crevice in the middle, which attracts flocks of doves to have rest, hence got the name. Around the giant stone locates a pavilion that is a perfect spot for appreciating the sunrise. The redness of the new-born sun soaks in the blue ocean, forming a stunning view.
Besides, sea ice of Beidaihe is another wonder that you should not miss. Sea ice of Beidaihe is a special gift from the nature. The sea crest in the distance while the nearby... View attractions guide
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