Summer Tour of Ancient Temples and Villages

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Here, you can not only explore ancient temples and villages but also venture deep underground to witness the wonders of caves.

  • Baqi Cave
Stop 1 Tanzhe Temple

"Tanzhe Temple, with a history of over 1,700 years, was Initially built in the first year of Yongjia in the Western Jin Dynasty. There is also a saying in Beijing that is ""Tanzhe Temple was built first, then Beijing City."

Stop 2 Baqi Cave

Baqi (Eight Wonders) Cave is situated in close proximity to Tanzhe Temple, allowing tourists to reach it by foot.

Stop 3 Zhaojiatai Folklore Tourism Village

Zhaojiatai Folk Tourism Village boasts a long history and rich cultural connotation, and is known as "Beijing City in paper, Zhaojiatai in iron".

Travel tips

"Pay attention to opening hours
Remember to make appointment in advance
Remember to wear mask
Do not make noise in public space
Take care of personal belongings"

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