Weekend Trip to Yanqing District

Beijing Suburb
  • Best Time:

  • Recommended:

    Two Days
  • Admission:

    1000 RMB 1000 RMB


Explore the beauty of Beijing's outskirts in autumn. Visit Badaling Safari World and Yeyahu National Wetland Park. Enjoy delicious dishes like Yuanfu Iron Pot Stew and Shipengxiangyan. Stay at Xianglixiangju · Guanshanxiaoyuan or Shanzhaxiaoyuan. On day 2, visit Yudu Mountain and Baili Landscape Gallery. Try Hot Pot Tofu Banquet and Qijiabao Colored Noodles.

  • Badaling Safari World
  • Beijing Yeyahu (Wild Duck Lake) National Wetland Park
Stop 1 Beijing Yeyahu (Wild Duck Lake) National Wetland Park

Enter the Yeyahu National Wetland Park, and you'll be greeted by the vast lake reflecting the blue sky and distant mountains. The swaying reeds along the calm water surface depict the gentleness and romance of autumn.

Stop 2 Badaling Safari World

Starting from the city, heading to Yanqing via Beijing-tibet Expressway, we recommend your first stop at the Badaling Safari World, located right next to the expressway.

  • Yuanfu Iron Pot Stew

  • Shipengxiangyan

  • Xianglixiangju · Guanshanxiaoyuan

  • Shanzhaxiaoyuan

  • Yudu Mountain - Baili Landscape Gallery
Stop 1 Yudu Mountain

Yudu Mountain is situated at the foot of Haituo Mountain, upstream of the Longqing Gorge Reservoir. In October, the area is at its prime for sightseeing.

Stop 2 Baili Landscape Gallery

This scenic area includes one ring, three zones, and twelve spatial nodes, covering 112 kilometers along the riverside, hence the name "Baili Landscape Gallery."

  • Hot Pot Tofu Banquet

  • Qijiabao Colored Noodles

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