Animal Kingdom One-day Tour

  • Best Time:

    All year round
  • Recommended:

    5 hours
  • Admission:

    200 RMB 200 RMB


If you are tired of the daily life, why not give yourself a chance to be close to nature. In the company of the animal, people will forget annoyance in the daily life and enjoy the charm of nature. Beijing Zoo and Beijing Aquarium are good places for people to enjoy nature. Beijing Zoo was founded in 1906 in the Qing Dynasty by the Commercial Department. It is said that this place is the birthplace of modern Chinese zoos, botanical gardens, and museums. Beijing Aquarium is equipped with the world's most advanced aquatic system, using artificial seawater with a total volume of 18,000 tons.

  • Beijing Zoo
  • Beijing Aquarium
Stop 1 Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo officially got its name in 1955. It currently covers an area of about 90 hectares, raising more than 5,000 (of about 500 species) rare wild animals. More

15 RMB (All-pass ticket 19 RMB including the admission price of the panda base)
No. 18, Xiejieyi Street in Gaoliangqiao, Xicheng District, Beijing
Beijing Zoo is a National Park, A Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level, National Science Education Base, and National 4A-level scenic spot.
Public transport:
Take Metro Line 4 to Beijing Zoo Station
Travel tips

Children under 1.2 meters tall are free to enter the zoo.
Pay attention to safety when playing and do not go to unopened areas.
Pay attention to self-protection during the epidemic.
Visit the scenic spots with good manners.

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