Xin'an City Memory Park

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Xin'an City Memory Park

For most visitors who come to Beijing for the first time, they may not have Xin’an City Memory Park on their travelling list. However, this park carries the most unforgettable memory in many local Beijingers. For those who want to really get to know this city, Xin’an City Memory Park is a must-visit place.

Xin’an City Memory Park remains the old appearance of ancient buildings, and with many meaningful collections, which could bring you back to childhood in a minute.

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Do You Know
What's the nickname of Beixin'an?

In ancient times, Beixin’an was the earlist business street in Shijingshan and was praised as the “little Wangfujing”.

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Address : 200m east of Shougangyuan, Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan Distritc, Beijing

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