Jiangfu Park

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Jiangfu Park

Jiangfu Park is located in the east of Jiangtai area in Chaoyang District. It is one of the green isolation area park projects in Beijing. With planned area of 58 hectares, it has been implemented in two phases since 2007. The first phase, covering 24 hectares, was completed and opened in April 2008. You'll feel like you've stepped into a Miyazaki manga. It is a great place for a weekend walk and picnic.

Latest News
Cherry Gully

There is a summer wonderland hidden in the Beijing Botanical Garden, and that is Cherry Gully, northwest of Reclining Buddha Temple. It is named after the cherry trees planted on both sides of the mountain stream during the Ming Dynasty. The Metasequoia trees, known as "living fossils", have formed a forest here.

Taihu Wanmu Recreation Park

Taihu Wanmu Recreation Park (台湖万亩游憩园) is located in Taihu Performing Arts Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing. It is a landscape node on the western ecological belt of city's sub-center. It covers an area of about 17,000,000 square meters.

Haidian Park

Haidian Park is located to the northwest of Wanquanhe Bridge at the northwest part of the 4th Ring Road. It contains many royal garden relics such as Changchun Garden, Xihua Garden, and the Quan Temple, etc.

Do You Know
A segment of abandoned railroad

There is a segment of abandoned railroad in Jiangfu Park. Originally, it was a special freight line for Beijing textile warehouses in the last century, but now it has become an Internet-popular spot in Jiangfu Park. The park is filled with large woods, and the sunlight occasionally comes through the gaps in the branches. You can lift your camera to record the movie-like images.

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Address : No. 10 Linjia, East Bajianfang Village, Chaoyang District

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