Beijing Eco Valley Smart Farm

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Beijing Eco Valley Smart Farm

Beijing Eco Valley Smart Farm is one of the representatives of high-tech farms in China at present. The farm has realized the coverage of "whole industrial chain" and "whole service chain", creating a one-stop ecological chain from field to table. There is peace and beauty that is hard to find in a noisy city, and there are many wonderful projects.

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Wuwa Farm

Located on the banks of the Wenyu River in Changping District, Wuwa Farm is a rural experience base integrating camping, sports, farming, picking and marketplace. On the lawn of the farm, you can enjoy the beautiful and original autumn scenery. Play Frisbee with your friends and watch the kids run free in nature and enjoy a delicious barbecue with the smell of charcoal…. Come camping here and have a great time!

Daoxiang Lake Park

The park features a natural and beautiful waterfront landscape, Cuihu wetland, idyllic scenery, and a pleasant environment. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the park is a perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If weather permits, visitors can also take a boat trip on the lake.

Jinhai Lake Bibo Garden Island Resort

If you're looking for a campsite in Beijing with lawns, lakes, and beautiful sunrise and sunsets, Jinhai Lake Bibo Island will be a perfect choice!Surrounded by beautiful lakeside lawns and clear waters, you can look out over the mountains, listen to bird songs in the morning and appreciate the sky at night.

Do You Know

Nature is the best teacher for children. Beijing Eco Valley Smart Farm provides children with a new way to experience nature and ecology. There are a number of workshops to exercise practical ability such as pottery workshop, food workshop, agricultural workshop and so on, so that children to increase knowledge in practice.

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Address : Liutao Road, Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing

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