Mangshan National Forest Park

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    Spring, Summer, Autumn
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Mangshan National Forest Park

Mangshan Forest Park is located in the north bank of the Ming Tombs Reservoir, which is one of the larger national forest parks in Beijing. There are 96.5% of the forest coverage rate, 130,000 mu of artificial forest and more than 170 kinds of flowers and trees.

Latest News
Baiwangshan Forest Park

Baiwangshan Forest Park is located 3 kilometers north of the Summer Palace. The main peak is 210 meters and the Jingmi Diversion Canal runs around the mountain. With dense forest, it is known as the "oxygen source of Beijing".

Beijing Wenyu River Park

The planned area of Beijing Wenyu River Park is 30 square kilometers. It is the largest "green lung" in Beijing. It integrates ecological conservation, habitat restoration, and flood storage and detention functions, taking into account cultural, leisure, sports and other functions

Jiangfu Park

The niche abandoned railway track in Beijing is hidden in the shade of Jiangfu Park. Trees flourish on both sides of the track, and the grass is lush beside the roadbed. You'll feel like you've stepped into a Miyazaki manga. It is a great place for a weekend walk and picnic.
There is a segment of abandoned railroad in Jiangfu Park. Originally, it was a special freight line for Beijing textile warehouses in the last century, but now it has become an Internet-popular spot in Jiangfu Park.

Do You Know
The autumn of Mangshan Forest Park

In the golden autumn, more than 170 kinds of flowers and trees in the Mangshan Forest Park look like an oil painting. The north side of the painting is the best place to see the scene. Visitors can walk along the ridge from the wooden walkway, and enjoy the autumn landscape.

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