International Grape Exhibition Garden

Scenic Level : AAAA
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    All Year Round
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    1 Day
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    60RMB/Person 60RMB/Person
  • Opening Hours:

    January 1 to February 11, 09:00-16:20
    February 12 to December 31, 09:00-16:00


International Grape Exhibition Garden

International Grape Exhibition Garden is the venue of the 11th World Grape Congress in 2014. It covers an area of 2 million square meters and a construction area of 15,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive expo park integrating grape variety display, viewing and picking, ecological experience, scenic tour, science popularization education, leisure and entertainment. The garden covers an area of 3126 mu, with a number of world’s famous and excellent new grape varieties.

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There is also s a wetland park covering an area of 500 mu, a children's paradise with abundant recreational facilities, and a good place for visitors to go tent camping, picnicking and fishing, and children playing. The vineyard is surrounded by major landscape buildings, including a science museum, a visitor service center, and a smart greenhouse.

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