Guardian Art Center

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Guardian Art Center

The Guardian Art Center is located at the north end of Wangfujing Street and has hosted more than 150 significant art exhibitions. In the 50,000-square-meter art center, you can enjoy a "one-stop" art journey. In December, the Guardian Art Center will launch new exhibitions such as "Exhibition of Qing Dynasty Glassware from the Palace Museum" and "Light, Ripples, and Segre: Differences are also Bridges". Come and check them out.

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Zhuanta Hutong (砖塔胡同)

Zhuanta Hutong is located on Xisi South Street and appeared as early as the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty playwright Li Haogu wrote in his play "Zhang Sheng Zhu Hai": "Go to the Zhuanta Hutong in the corner of the sheep market to find me."

Jiuhua Resort Hot Spring

Jiuhua Resort Hot Spring is located in the famous hot spring town of Xiaotangshan. It has been known as the "golden water" since ancient times. It integrates hot springs, medicinal baths, swimming, sauna, massage, dining, entertainment and other projects into one, making it a one-stop hot spring resort experience park.

Longmai Hot Spring Resort

Longmai Hot Spring Resort is located in the center of Xiaotangshan hot spring belt. The underground of Longmai Hot Spring contains fresh and warm spring water, which is crystal clear and light yellow in color. The natural hot spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements, which can relieve fatigue and make the body and mind full of vitality.
Different hot spring venues in Longmai Hot Spring give people different feelings and moods, and each pool has a different shape and scenery.

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