Eastern Qing Tombs

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Eastern Qing Tombs

Located in Tangshan, Hebei Province, the Eastern Qing Tombs is the largest existing imperial mausoleum complex in China with the complete system and the most appropriate layout. It is not only a rare material to study the mausoleum regulation, funeral system, sacrificial rites, architectural technology and craft in the Qing Dynasty, but also a typical example to study the politics, economy, military, culture, science, and art of the Qing Dynasty.

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Old Dragon's Head

As the eastern starting point of the Ming Great Wall, the Old Dragon’s Head is located on the shore of the Bohai Sea, 4 kilometers south of Shanhai Pass, Hebei Province.

The Gold Coast of Changli

The Gold Coast National Nature Reserve of Changli is located on the coast of Changli County, Qinhuangdao City, which is at the northeast of Hebei Province.

The First Pass in the World - Shanhaiguan

Shanhaiguan Ancient City is an important military city defense system on the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty.

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