Xiaodiao Pear Soup ( Xiaodiao Pear Soup Restaurant )

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Xiaodiao Pear Soup

As a local delicacy of Beijing, Xiaodiao Pear Soup receives a great popularity among the public. Ingredients of the soup includes a pear, tremella, preserved plums, goji berries and rock sugars, which are cooked together in the water. Pear soup is regarded as a healthy and nutritious dish, since it benefits lungs and throats. Especially in autumn and winter when people are easily get sore throats, Xiaodiao Pear Soup is a useful therapy of soothing the throat and healing coughs.

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Do You Know
Xiaodiao Pear Soup

It is also the name of a restaurant in Beijing which has Pear Soup as its speciality and serves Beijing cuisine.

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Address : No.109 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

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