Beautiful Autumn in Beijing’s Suburban Areas
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You have ever visited the Great Wall, enjoyed beauties of summer landscapes of Beijing and appreciated the history of Beijing, but have you ever seen the autumn beauties of the Suburb Beijing? There you will see the best and most beautiful sceneries of Beijing. The Color of the autumn Beijing is colorful. There you will see red leaves of ginkgo, which cover a large space, forming a large red "sea". Cosmos blossoms, creating a flower paradise. So, Suburb Beijing will be a terrific place for you to relax yourself when you are waiting for your freights to other places.

Day 1: Autumn Charms at Badaling National Forest Park

Badaling National Forest Park is located in Yanqing District, far away from downtown Beijing. But it has very scenery, especially its Great Wall and red leaves. The red leaves festival also takes place at this park, which covers an area of 56 hectares with over 50,000 maple trees.

Highlights: Badaling Great Wall and Red Leaves Ridge

Badaling Great Wall is a pass of Jundu Mountain and extends to all directions. So, it is called Badaling. Bada (八达) in Chinese means extending to all directions, and Ling (岭) means a ridge. Badaling Great Wall is located on the ridge of the northern part of the GuanGou. Here, two peaks face to face. The Red Leaves Ridge Scenic Area at this park is 500m higher above sea level than what's average for downtown Beijing. Because of the cooling effect provided by the dense forest and the surrounding Great Wall, Red Leaves Ridge becomes the first place to watch repish leaves in early autumn.

Opening Hours: 06:30 – 19:00

Tel: (010) 69121226

Apress: Badaling Forestry Center, Yanqing District, Beijing

Details: Autumn Charms at Badaling National Forest Park

Day 2: The Paradise of Nature – Beijing Botanical Garden

Beijing Botanical Garden is located near the famous Fragrant Hills Park, far away from the center of Beijing. But when the bus pulls into this area, you will see mountains up and down not far away from the road. When you enter this garden, you will be surrounded by tall trees and all kinds of plants and flowers. People are not numerous, so you have so much space to walk and enjoy the scenery around you.

Opening Hours: 6:00 - 9:00

Admission: 10 RMB

Highlights: Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall and Reclining Bupha Temple

The way to the hall is blocked by a huge stone on which is carved Memorial Hall of Cao Xueqin in Chinese fine calligraphy too. Beside it are some colorful flowers, and some of which have been designed into a traditional Chinese character "夢 (dream)". According to my understanding, it should refer to the name of Cao’s novel A Dream of Red Mansions. It is a flower made attraction, so that many tourists stopped and took pictures one after another. I wanted to take one, but I had no chance. Entering this hall, you will find more wonders. It is a traditional Chinese garden, small but full of flourishing flowers of different species. There are also shabby houses designed in a traditional Chinese style. As you move deeper, you will enter the sheds where it is said that Mr. Cao wrote his book A Dream of Red Mansions inside them. In these sheds there are different copies of versions of A Dream of Red Mansions, the background information of Mr. Cao Xueqin and other related stories.

Apress: Reclining Bupha Road, Fragrant Hills, Haidian District, Beijing

Details: The Beauty of Beijing Botanical Garden

Day 3: Golden Leaves and Flower Sea at Olympic Forest Park

Olympic Forest Park is located at the north end of the south-north axle wire of Beijing. It is north of Olympic Green. It is the largest city park that is under construction in Beijing. As an extension of Beijing’s south-north axle wire, it is perfectly melted into natural landscapes. The autumn beauties in suburb Beijing have been fully displayed there...

Highlights: Autumn Cosmos Exhibition

From September 28 to October 28, 2013, the Autumn Cosmos Exhibition kicks off at the north park of Olympic Forest Park. Cosmos of a hundred Mu as well as zinnia blossom, just like a flower sea. The cosmos on the west side sway with winds, displaying a very poetic scene. There are the largest growing areas of cosmos and zinnia at Olympic Forest Park. What’s more, to create a better autumn atmosphere, autumn helenium of different varieties are also planted at hillsides and by roads. Colorful autumn beauty of suburb Beijing is fully presented here and you won’t be disappointed.

Transportation: Subway: take Subway Line 8 to Olympic Forest Park South Gate Station or Lincuiqiao Station; Bus Rapid Transit: take Line 3 to Yangshanqiao South Station and Yangshanqiao North Station; Bus: take Bus No. 510, 81, Zhuan 44 to Yilinjianyuan Dongmen Station

Details: Golden Leaves and Flower Sea at Olympic Forest Park

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