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As a modern city, Beijing boasts a colorful nightlife. Visitors who come to Beijing from far away may suffer from jet lag. Why not spend a sleepless night indulging yourself in the bright lights and music beats? A cup of vintage wine in one of Beijing’s bars will help relieve your pressure and tiredness. If you are sick of the heat during the day, you can tour Beijing during the night, which is equally attractive. You can come to the Houhai Bar Street, watching the sunset and losing yourself in the glamorous night. Apart from bars, Beijing houses many splendid theaters where you can watch the most wonderful shows of Peking Opera, acrobatics, Kung Fu, and folk arts. As a metropolitan Beijing is never lacking in social networking events, so to meet more friends, it’s not constrained to just bars anymore, because each month many social networking activities are held. You can pick whatever interests you have.

Feel the Free Atmosphere at Beijing's Bar Street

To appreciate the essence of ancient Beijing, one must tour the Hutong (lanes), and to visit the Hutong, one would better go to Hou Hai. In this waterless city of Beijing, Shicha Hai is a valuable water area, composed of Qian Hai, Houhai and Xi Hai which are connected to Bei Hai and Zhongnan Hai. People can come here for fishing and appreciating the lotus, the mountains, and the sunset. Walking on the tree-lined path on the bank of Shicha Hai, we can see old men carrying birdcages, and lovers sitting on the couches with their chairs leaning against the trees. There is one of the ‘Top Eight Spots in Beijing’, namely, watching the mountain on the Yinding Bridge...

Opening Hours: 19:00 – late night


Houhai Bar Street: Houhai Bar Street is an elegant contrast to the seedy Sanlitun Bar district. There are many different bars and restaurants lining the shores of the lakes, which provides a perfect place for sightseeing and strolls. There evolved two styles of Houhai bars: the ramshackle student sprawl of No Name and Bupha, or the cool relaxation centers, complete with couches. The Left Bank (No. 11 Qianhai North Bank, 86-10/6612-9300) goes for the latter, with the look and comfort of a large den. It is a nice place to relax, or merely cuple..

Transportation: Take Bus No. 5, 819, 107, or 124 and get off at the stop of the Bell Tower.

Details: Feel the Free Atmosphere at Beijing's Bar Street

Enjoy a Night of Peking Opera

Beijing is a charming city, in the day it is modern and fashionable, at night it is ancient and elegant. Spend a day in Beijing and you can go to a noble royal palace or fashionable shopping street, but where can you hang out at night?...


19:30 pm



Liyuan Theatre


How about a night at the Peking Opera? Peking Opera is one of China’s national arts, It began in the late 18th century and became fully developed and recognized by the mid-19th century. It is a must-see attraction of any Beijing trip. Liyuan Theater is the best place for enjoy the Peking Opera, there are performances everyday at 19:30...

Apress: The first floor of Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, No.175, Yongan Road.

Price: 200 yuan 280 yuan 380 yuan 480 yuan 580 yuan

Transportation: take Bus No. 6, No. 15, No. 822 to Yonganlu Station.

Details: Enjoy a Night of Peking Opera

Monthly Social Networking Events in Beijing

As a metropolitan Beijing is never lack of social networking events. Beijing is never lack of social networking events, so to meet more friends; it is not constraint to the bars any more, because each month many social networking activities are held. Just pick whatever you have interest in! The entrance fees are each about 150 Yuan. For cheaper prices and more info, please browse this website:…

Party Time: 19:30-midnight

Highlights: Business meets Finance; All Industries; Fashion meets Creative; HR meets Applicants

Business meets Finance: Business meets Finance is a premium-networking event in Beijing and as such deserves a premium venue. We are moving to the exciting Vivid Bar in the newly opened Conrad Hotel. This stylish and chic bar is located on the top of the podium of the hotel and features a wide selection of spirits, cocktails, beers, wines, and champagnes. Enjoy carefully prepared drinks, both classic and the very latest mixology trends.

What to do: Meeting New friends; Hunting Jobs; Enjoying Drinks and Music

Details: Monthly Social Networking Events in Beijing

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