Feel the Pulse of Old Beijing
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Beijing is nowadays one of the biggest and most prosperous metropolises in the world. However, Beijing doesn’t only present its modernity to people from across the world, but it also shows its well-fermented flavor from the years that have long gone. That’s the flavor of Old Beijing! In this modern city, there are hutongs, ancient commercial streets, ancient temples, imperial gardens, mansions, elegant scenic areas with ancient tastes and more. Modern Beijing is working to show itself to the outside world with a fresh face which nicely contains the spirit of the city—the old and new. The new are what we all know and see every day around us, while the old can only be reached by the tour to the proper places, experiencing a different environment, tasting long-inherited flavors and thinking into the ways the ancestors of the city thought. Finally, you feel the pulse of Old Beijing...

Day 1: Stroll on the Ancient Commercial Street - Qianmen

Qianmen is also called Zhengyang Gate and consists of Embrasured Watchtower and Gate Tower. Embrasured Watchtower and Gate Tower were originally connected by Wengcheng Wall, but as a result of the maintainance of road, they were separated. Nowadays, most people call the area around Dazhalan Qianmen. Strictly speaking, Qianmen is a name of an area, including Zhengyang Gate, Zhubaoshi, Dazhalan and etc.

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Highlights: The Trolley Car and Various Featured Old Beijing Complex

It is the first trolley car in Beijing and was open to people on December 17, 1924. At that time, there were totally 10 trolley cars going between Qianmen and Xizhimen. Because of the noise made by the trolley car, people also called it Lam Lam Bus. It once stopped its works on May 6, 1966 and was restarted on January 1, 2009. It is just like traveling in the old Beijing when sitting on it and enjoying the beauty outside the bus. ...

Transportation: Take Subwaly Line 2 to Qianmen Station; Take Bus No. 5, 17, 20, 22, 59, 66, 69, 120, 126, 301, 626, 646, 690, 723, 729, Te4, Te11, Te 7.

Where to Go at Qianmen: Enjoy Old Beijing Delicacies at Quanjude, Bianyifang, Duyichu Shaomai, Yueshengzhai, Yitiaolong Restaurant; fing old books at Cathay Bookshop; shop at Zhangyiyuan Teashop, Wuyutai, Yizhao Baihuo, Neiliansheng; appreciate old Beida Photo Studio and cultures of Beijing Opera at Guanghelou.

Details: The Ancient Business Street in Beijing - Qianmen

Day 2: Trace the Footprint of Old Beijingers at Nanluoguxiang

To trace the footprint of old Beijing, Nanluoguxiang may be the best place to go. As one of the oldest Beijing blocks, Nanluoguxiang is also on the list of 25 old city conservation areas. With a south-north direction, the north end of Nanluoguxiang is Gulou East Street and south end is Di’anmen East Street. It was founded in the same period of Yuandadu. It now has the best preserved Yuan Dynasty Hutongs and courtyard and is the largest and highest-graded chessboard-type traditional residence with the most abundant resources.

Opening Hours:

24 Hours


Highlights: The Bone-shaped Hutongs, Stories left in nanluoguxiang, Cultural Relics

The first Hutong of Nanluoguxiang on the east side is Chaodou Hutong. And there is a No. 77 on the west side of Chaodou Hutong, which is a key cultural relics protection unit of Dongcheng District, Sengwangfu. Sengwangfu was the home of Senggelinqin, who was a royalty during the Qing Dynasty. He once fought against Anglo-French Allied Force in 1859 during the Dagu Naval Battle. He died during the battle against Nien Rebellion on May, 1865. After he died, his son Boyan Nuomogu succeeded him as a prince. So some old residents nearby also called this mansion Bowangfu. On the west of Chaodou Hutong, there was the ancestral hall of Senggelinqin’s family and it also covered a large area. It was rare to see the ancestral hall and mansion in the same Hutong in the Qing Dynasty. The ancestral hall is now Lvsongyuan Hotel.

Transportation: Take Bus No. 107, 124 to Baochao Hutong; Take Bus No. 13, 60, 118 to Luoguxiang Station;Take Subway Line 6 to Nanluoguxiang Station

Where to Go at Nanluoguxiang:Senggelinqin Mansion, the Former Residence of Qibaishi, Home of the last Queen’s parents, Wenyu Cheese Shop, No. 108 Courtyard, Grifted, Nanluoguxiang bar street

Recommended Hours: 3 - 4 Hours

Details: Explore the Best Preserved Beijing Hutong - Nanluoguxiang

Day 3: Explore the Essence of Old Beijing at Shichahai Area

Opposite the famous imperial garden—Beihai Park, with Old Beijing’s hutongs, beautiful lakes, Chinese and Western restaurants, and a bar street, the Shichahai area is a place where you can pay a visit to experience traditional Chinese culture, enjoy the leisurely way of living and explore the essence of Old Beijing. You can ride a bike touring around this area, sit in a coffee shop drinking a cup of coffee, row a boat with your family members on the lakes, or get on a rickshaw-shaped pedicab viewing the ancient prints of hutongs standing on the banks of the lakes. Or perhaps you can sit beside the lakes, watch the dancing willow trees and think about something...

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