Fried Rings (Jiao Quan) ( Huguosi Restaurant )

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Fried Rings (Jiao Quan)

Looking like an onion ring, fried ring is a traditional Beijing snack. It is a circle of fried dough with crispy taste. Fried rings can be preserved for ten days or even half a month, still keeping its crispy flavor. For most local Beijingers, a bowel of fermented Douzhi and a golden color fried ring would make a perfect breakfast.

Mung Bean Milk (Dou Zhi)

Dou Zhi (or Dou Zhi’er) is a traditional Beijing snack, and it is said that it has had a history of more than 300 years.

Old Beijing Cheese

Unlike cheese of western countries, Old Beijing Cheese is more like custard made of milk and fermented glutinous rice wine

Xiaodiao Pear Soup

As a local delicacy of Beijing, Xiaodiao Pear Soup receives a great popularity among the public.

Do You Know
What types of people should not eat too much Jiaoquan?

People with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, pregnant woman, the elderly and kids who have a weak digestive system.

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Address : No. 93 Huguosi Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

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